How to deal with negative people and be happy

Are you facing negative people in your daily life?

Yes, you are!

Because negative people are everywhere and they emit negative energies. We are living in the world which is full of hypocrisy, Hate, Criticize, Anger and jealous. So, it’s better to do our work rather than listen to someone’s negative talk. People criticize you if they are not like you or if they are trying to be like you and failed.


The ability of remain calm under pressure or negative situation is directly proportional to your performance.  As per a survey, the person who can control their emotion is the most successful person.

Here I am writing how you can deal with negative people easily.


Set your limits


If you really want to be happy you should stay away from negative people and complainers. They are a bad news for your day. Because when they meet you they will complain or criticize and will turn your good day into a bad day.

So, you must know how to set the limits with these types of people and stay away from them.

If you will surround yourself with good people, you will be a good person and if you will surround yourself with fools, you will be a fool.

Remember, sometimes your circle decreases in size but increases in value.


Don’t mess up with a fool


Negative people are the one who is usually depressed or not satisfied with their life. That’s why they show interest in someone else’s life. But, you should never allow yourself to respond to them mentally and emotionally. Never argue or mess up with them. They will take you down to their level of stupidity. Better you just ignore their negative words and focus on your work.

The more you avoid the more you will be happy


Always Focus on Solution.


It’s human nature. Normally, we overreact to everything and start making a small problem a big. We should focus on the solution rather than thinking about the problem.

I am sharing a good idea by which you can find solutions easily, I guess. If you have any problem or if anything destroying your peace of mind take a pen and paper. Write all your problems one by one on that and then start thinking of each and everyone. Are they really a problem or it is you who are destroying your peace of mind for no reason. You will find most of your problem solved.


ALBERT EINSTEIN said: – “A clever person solves the problem. A wise person avoids it.”


 Don’t care about what other are thinking


Our problem is we care too much. The more we care and the more we become sensitive the more problem we will have to face. It’s very simple to forget about other and mind your work. Let them do what makes them happy. You do what you need to do to make your happy.


Make peace with your past


Everyone has the past. Everyone had good and better experience with the past. You are not alone. So, stop thinking too much about the past. Remember the past is something which already passed away and gave you the experience of life. You can’t have a better life if you’re always thinking about your past. Go ahead in your life with your experiences and utilize those experiences to make your life happy and never doubt yourself.


WARREN BUFFETT said: – “I never doubt myself that I am not going to be rich”


Wrapping Up


Friends, happiness is something which comes from you. No one is responsible for your happiness except you. So, avoid negative people, avoid negative self-talks, Never doubt on yourself and more important be happy & keep smiling.

You look beautiful while smiling.


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